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About Spa Sereno

Spa Sereno is an oasis of relaxation, encompassing a grand new era of style and sophistication for those who like their pampering strictly first class.

Rejuvenate yourself with focused beauty care at Caliente’s tranquil 4,500-square-foot Spa Sereno.

Here you can nurture your body with a wrap, a facial, manicure, pedicure, or hydrotherapy. Relax your muscles under the skilled, strong hands of Caliente’s professional masseuses. Consider a poolside or couples massage.

Go a step further in your body care. Experience sugar waxing. Try laser hair and vein removal. Perhaps venture into permanent makeup.

Staff at Spa Sereno offer additional unique services—Lymphatic Drainage, Positional Release, Sports Massage, Foot Reflexology and Past Life Regression Therapy.

Whether you desire a simple manicure or a more complex health treatment, Spa Sereno is equipped to meet your needs.


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