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RCI Reservations

Vacation Club (CC) is an affiliate of RCI.  This affiliation provides CC members access to more than 4,000 resorts worldwide that participate in RCI’s network.  Members may use their CC points to make reservations for RCI resorts.

RCI provides a website through which CC members may browse the network’s resorts and view high, shoulder and low use seasons.

  • High season = greatest demand
  • Shoulder season = average demand
  • Low season = lesser demand

Reservations for RCI resorts may be made up to two years in advance.

RCI’s requirement is based on accommodation (unit) type and size, travel season, and length of stay. Weekend stays require more points.

For RCI’s resort directory, go to


Tips for Making RCI Reservations

  • Visit
  • Choose a destination or select specific resorts
  • Be flexible with travel dates; consider first and second choices
  • Determine desired accommodation size and type
  • Refer to your RCI chart to determine reservation cost or call 1-877-282-7829 to make reservations.  A wait-list search for weekly exchange reservations may be launched, if your preferred vacation is not immediately available.


RCI Exchange Reservations

CC members may use their points to reserve accommodations in the RCI Exchange Program. The RCI Exchange Program is an independent exchange program operated by RCI and affiliated with CC. Reservations through RCI may be made on a space-available basis.

RCI reservations may be requested from two years to two days in advance. If the desired accommodations are not available, members may request a search for the preferred accommodations and check-in dates.

CANCELLATIONS - A Member or guest may cancel or change a Confirmed Exchange by notifying RCI by telephone or in writing.  RCI, at its sole discretion, may require a fee for cancellation based on the reason for cancellation, timeliness of cancellation and type of Inventory or Points Partner Reservation as describe in the RCI Points Cancellation Policy.

RCI benefits and services, as well as related transaction fees, are subject to change, suspension or discontinuation at any time without notice. RCI Exchange Program reservations and services are subject to the terms and conditions of RCI.

To make an RCI reservation, Vacation Club Members must contact the club at 1.877.282.2582.